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We blocked inappropriate websites, Phising sites, Content Farms, Malware sites, Fake News and etc.

IP: (JP)

IP: (DE)

Our DNS availble visit OpenNIC domain ( http://blahdns.oss/ or http://blahdns.pirate/ )

BlahDNS enables you to visit websites at a much faster speed – an added bonus is the ad free browsing experience.

By using BlahDNS's service you automatically avoid loading advertisements of all kind – which eliminates the threat of catching a virus.

BlahDNS is a cloud service, meaning that you do not have to buy any hardware or install additional software on your client or server computers.

Due to some annoying issue, we'll change our IPv4 address every year/ few months.. Pls check for our website to get the latest working IP. Thanks

Have any suggestion or new Ads list, welcome you to send a commit through Github page

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